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    1. Too much info – Even to the veteran eye, sifting through a mass of often handwritten Information is tedious and time-consuming
    2. Seperate documents –  Various documentsike licenses, invoices, registration forms are often bundled together in the submitted claim
    3. Fraudulent/erroneous claims – Overpriced parts, mysteriously extended repair periods and questionable labour costs – sometimes hard to spot
    4. High operational cost – All of this manual indexing work requires overhead and a considerable payroll
    5. Little understanding of customers – Due to such costs, much of this work is outsourced, leaving actionable insights with the service provider  

Artificial intelligence for car insurers.

Hundreds of thousands of claims are manually reviewed by individual claims departments each year. Car claims in particular require a lot of data for a thorough case assessment.

An overflow of information and mixed-up document submissions are compounded by tricky handwriting, arbitrary form layouts, and the constant risk of an erroneous or fraudulent claim.

Applying AI drives the availability of information. This is vital to improve decision making during the claims process (speed & quality) and vital to expand the data footprint of a digital insurer to be future ready.

omni:us optimizes your internal processes to manage this.

The omni:us AI engine has been trained specifically on car claims documents of all different kinds and excels at supporting insurance professionals and policyholders alike through the claim at hand.

Turn car claim processing speed into a competitive advantage.

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