omni:us Quote Optimizer

Quotation Process Optimization

omni:us handles quotation optimization & policy comparison in a matter of seconds with AI-powered classification & semantic data extraction from policies and other supporting documents.

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  • High Variability: every insurer typically follows a different type of policy structure
  • Terminology: insurers tend to use different terminologies
  • Costs: the manual analysis of an insurance policy typically takes between 15-30 minutes
  • Innovation: due to the manual barrier many contracts are never analyzed or updated

Delivering immediate value at scale.

Insurance policies are typically highly complex documents, that differ widely. Comparing policies from different insurance companies is time-consuming – and, especially for low value contracts, does not pay off. This process is an innovation barrier for insurance companies who seek to offer potential customers counter-proposals. A simple, cost-efficient way to “understand” existing policies in order to automatically generate counter-proposals is therefore a game changer in the industry, that boosts innovation, increases competitiveness and provides a high potential for early adopters.

Increase Upsales

Place counter-proposals right away as analysing existing policies requires only a matter of seconds.

Simplify Application Process

Seamless extraction of coverages and conditions from existing policies via multiple channels.

Reduce Costs

Automated analysis of insurance policies & validation of required documents.

Start optimizing your quotation process now.


Dirk Aulike

Vice President Sales