One-on-One with omni:us’s Executive Advisory Board Member Guido Merz

One-on-One with omni:us’s Executive Advisory Board Member Guido Merz

by omnius
März 24, 2022

Skilled in business planning and development, strategy, change management, and organizational design, Guido Merz is the co-founder of Wroomer, a large car financing platform. He is also a partner at Acclivitas, a boutique executive search firm, where he focuses on top level head-hunting for the insurance and banking industries. Before that, he was a partner at Oliver Wyman Financial Services and held various senior positions at Roland Berger and AT Kearney.

We recently sat down with Guido to understand what makes Guido’s insights so valuable to omni:us’s future, here is an excerpt of our conversation about why he chose to work with omni:us.

1. Guido, great to meet you. Tell us about yourself.

Thank you, it is great to speak with you and to be a part of the omni:us team. I started my career as a trained banker, which eventually lead me to be a finical services consultant for about 25 years. Then I served for almost 10 years as an entrepreneur, executive search, and selected consulting projects consultant. I currently live in Munich with my wife, and I keep busy with my various interests which include the arts, sports skiing, jogging, sailing, and much more.

2. What do you look for when joining a board?

Actually, I was not actively looking for a board position, but when I was approached by omni:us to join, I couldn’t turn down the offer. The company’s clear vision and passion for revolutionizing the insurance industry were invigorating. After looking into the company’s senior leadership team and discovering a track record of execution and the ability to deliver results, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of.

3. What impressed you about omni:us?

omni:us is filling a huge business need and has a leadership team full of intelligent, passionate people with the ability to execute. From the beginning I have been very impressed by omni:us`s determination to bring best-in-class digital AI-driven solutions to the insurance industry propelling automation, efficiency, and customer service.

4. What do you feel you bring to the board?

I hope to bring an independent voice and my many years of industry domain expertise. Given my long experience in the industry, I will focus on helping the go-to-market activities. But behind the scenes, I will bring in my observations, perspectives, and suggestions in regard to developing the omni:us product.

5.      Why is our work at omni:us important right now?

Almost all lines of business are seeing rate increases, with the exception of workers’ comp. With that said, there are significant unknowns with the economy and some headwinds for the insurance industry. With that backdrop, businesses will face continued pressure to deliver results. Now, overlay the fact that the world has sped up with regard to the importance of data, advanced analytics, and how they can be used as tools for driving efficiency and positively affecting outcomes. Therein lies our opportunity to make an impact with our Digital Claims Adjuster product.

6.      Can you please share with us why you are excited about omni:us’s future?

I believe that the insurance industry will change dramatically in the forthcoming years and the omni:us solutions can be a catalyst. Now more than ever in insurance, people understand that while there has been a long history of insurers holding everything close and building solutions themselves, there’s growing recognition that experts are out there who can do it better and faster.

Thank you so much for your time and insights, Guido, and we’re delighted to have you as part of the omni:us family.

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