Plug & process your documents.

omni:us delivers structured data from highly variable documents to
streamline your processes & facilitate end2end document interchange.

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Built to help enterprises master
core digital transformation challenges.

High Volumes

Easily process increasing amounts of incoming customer documents at scale.

High Variability

Get structured data from highly arbitrary documents, including handwritten forms.

High Speed

Instantly reply to your customers’ needs with all the data that matters at hand.

Unlock your full process potential at scale.


Faster processing


Cost reduction

AI for insurance executives
omni:us Whitepaper

Learn what matters most as an insurer in today‘s digital landscape & turn innovative technology into a competitive advantage.

Key Benefits

Increase Accuracy

Reduce errors associated with manual data entry to increase data quality and further prevent fraud & litigation.

Boost efficiency

Overcome traditional limitations of manual workloads by automating classification & data extraction of relevant data from incoming documents.

Grow Retention

Radically speed up turnaround times and embrace multichannel approaches to increase customer happiness and grow retention.

Our products: Streamlining insurance.

Our AI-as-a-service products augment insurance capabilities
in dealing with highly variable document streams.



Make claims processing a matter of minutes.
Not weeks.

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Deliver better quotations & comparisons faster.

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Discover our industry use cases.

  • omni:us Claim Automation

    Automating Insurance Claims Processing

  • omni:us Quote Optimizer

    Quotation Process Optimization


Radically accelerate the information transfer
between you and your customers.

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