Introducing the omni:us Digital Claims Adjuster

True Claim Automation Starting Day One.

Faster, better claims decisions and workflows to boost customers satisfaction, reduce process costs & empower your team.

We automate your claims in
high-frequency lines of business

  • Household / Property
  • Motor
  • Liability
Storm / Elemental
Tap Water
Glass Breakage
Burglary / Theft
Fully Comprehensive Coverage
Partial Comprehensive Coverage
Glass Breakage
Vehicle Liability
Personal Liability​
Home / Landowner
Enterprise AI for Claim Automation

A unique Combination of
Claims Expertise with State-of-the-Art Technology

The omni:us Digital Claims Adjuster enables seamlessly integrated end-2-end claims automation within existing insurance systems.
Integrated reference claims processes and a comprehensive, AI-powered claims decision catalogue, help reduce process costs by up to 35 percent – while drastically increasing customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Reference Claims Processes

Out-of-the-box reference processes allow rapid implementation and optimized claims processing.

+ Claims Decision Catalogue

Pre-trained AI & rule models automate complex settlement decisions – and alert adjusters to red flags that require human attention.

+ Access to Master Data

Easy integration with major core & legacy systems to access relevant policy and claims information.

Available Standard Connectors
Our Performance

Straight-Through Processing At Scale

The omni:us DCA SaaS solution comes out-of-the-box with all it takes to process low to medium severity claims from First Notice of Loss (FNOL) to creation of the payment without human intervention in any given core system. For more complex claims, omni:us takes over tedious tasks so that human adjusters can fully focus on damage assessment.

+ 0 %
Customer Satisfaction

Full Automation
+ ~35% Semi-Automation

- 0 %
  1. Listed KPIs are average values across different line of businesses that are calculated as a basis of value-based pricing in our collaboration with omni:us business cases.
  2. Focus on frequency claims with an average claim volume of < €3.000.
Our Approach

We understand Automation as a Change Process

On the way to becoming a data-driven claims organization, omni:us helps insurers to expand their skills and employee capacities in a targeted manner and drive the transformation process forward through deep domain expertise, new technologies, agile structures, stakeholder involvement and process awareness.

Build Trust & enable continuous learning
  • Close involvement of non-technical staff
  • Comprehensible results from the beginning
  • Continuous learning and improvement of AI
DEEP domain expertise WITH latest Technology
  • Merging AI tech and business knowledge
  • Process understanding in detail
  • Focus on frequency instead of special cases
  • Automation starts with the process
  • Partial automation as an essential lever
  • Integration into relevant core and surrounding systems
keynote Customer Success Story

Claim Automation @UNIQA

Learn more about UNIQA’s colaboration with omni:us to automate the processing of ‘high-volume-low-severity’ claims – with the insurer’s clear goal to master the conflict of interest in fulfilling overall business requirements: cutting costs whilst increasing customer satisfaction.

Why Omni:us?

Our mission is to enhance insurance industry processes and workflows by simplifying the claims handling life cycles. omni:us understands the value of automation by identifying key processes to shorten cycle times, enhance customer expectations, increase employee satisfaction, and improve data integrity to create better outcomes in the overall claims handling process.

The Power of Partnerships

Combining Strengths
for Maximum Impact

omni:us collaborates with leading insurance-focused business consultants and implementation partners to leverage our advanced AI & insurance expertise – and deliver incredible, transformative insurance success stories for leading insurers worldwide.

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Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss
Sofie Quidenus-WahlforssCEO @omni:us
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Working with AXA on #ClaimAutomation: In recent years, I have participated in many conversations and panel discussions regarding the difficulties surrounding collaboration between the #corporate and #startup world - and yes, it’s incredibly challenging for both sides. In the spirit of our ongoing collaboration, I wanted to highlight the dynamic spirit of the AXA team led by Audrey Amiot, Chief Transformation & Operations Officer at AXA Belgium. Their profound tech affinity, compelling speed and invigorating hunger for #innovation are the key reasons why we have achieved remarkable successes to date as we both collectively aspire to revolutionize claim automation in the #insurance industry....
omni:usHome of AI. Future of claims.
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“There were no structured data inputs required for getting to as much as 80% automation level just by using the technology omni:us has in place.”
Check out Dr. Andreas Nemeth sharing experiences, results, and insights on how UNIQA Insurance Group AG succeeded in cutting costs, whilst increasing speed of settlement & customer satisfaction with the use of AI-powered #claims #automation by omni:us.

Check out the entire keynote from The DIA Community Amsterdam 2022 here:
Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss
Sofie Quidenus-WahlforssCEO @omni:us
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Thanks Mia Wallace for the wonderful interview on #claim #automation for Insurance Business UK.
Together with our Head of Sales EMEA West Chris Andrew, we are very excited to grow our UK presence in bringing the omni:us Digital Claims Adjuster to UK insurers. So far it has been a very warm and exciting welcome, especially starting to partner with such great #insurtech networks and affiliations InsTech Insurtech UK
Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss
Sofie Quidenus-WahlforssCEO @omni:us
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More than thankful that Thomas Buberl, CEO of AXA,  took time to listen to our vision 🚀 Exchanging notes with one of the most influential leaders in our space means a lot to me.
#wemakeinsurancebetter #insurancetransformation #claimsautomation
Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss
Sofie Quidenus-WahlforssCEO @omni:us
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The claim automation revolution has started💫
We proudly announce the introduction of the omni:us Digital Claims Adjuster at UNIQA Insurance Group AG. , member of the Management Board and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Austrian insurer with operations in 18 countries is a true pioneer. This big digital transformational step will drastically boost customer satisfaction by freeing up precious resources to take care of more complex cases in the moment of truth & deliver an unrivalled claims experience.
Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss
Sofie Quidenus-WahlforssCEO @omni:us
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Diede Rusticus is with us since 3½ years and it’s a pure pleasure to see her developing and growing since then! She is a rock star in her field and I’m so very thankful for all her brainpower, #talent & energy, which constantly helps omni:us flourish on our mission to revolutionize #claimsprocessing with cutting edge technology & deep #insurance domain expertise 🌟

Interested in joining our amazing #DataScience Team? We’re hiring:
Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss
Sofie Quidenus-WahlforssCCO @omni:us
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Diversity as an inspiration for “vertical thinking”
Last week, for the third time after all the Lock Downs, we brought together all omni:nauts spread all across the continents. Again I realized the power of such a diverse team. With a female CEO Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss, employees from 28 different nationalities and a female ratio of 33%, different perspectives on things become so obvious and inspirational – something I have not seen to that extent in previous roles.

#team #inspiration #diversity omni:us #perspectives #innovativethinking

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