Hello, world! from omni:us

Hello, world! from omni:us

by omnius
Februar 26, 2018

Hello, world! from omni:us

Hello, world! 2018 has been a whirlwind. As always, we’re running at a fast pace.

What’s happening in the next few days??? – well, a whole big shake-up.

In recent months we have found new focus and specialization. To reflect this repositioning, and to raise our flag over the market, we are excited to announce our rebranding! The decision to rebrand is a multifaceted one, and follows research conducted with our customers and partners from around the world. We are pleased to announce our new identity as:

The name and format are significant – it represents our capabilities of understanding every document (omni) and us as a team –

together with our customers, we are on an exciting journey to transform the way unstructured documents are processed.

This rebranding moment builds on the many enhancements we have made to our business in recent years. Reflective of this transitory phase, we are embracing a new identity. Like a good synthetic neural net, with each iteration we get more accurate, more specific, sharper…

Insurance as a springboard

To begin, we have decided to specialize in one industry, one that is begging for innovation: insurance. Focusing on the use cases and pain points of a single industry ensures a deep domain know-how. From there we can springboard on to others.

If you are as proud of our growth as we are, and as excited about AIaaS, get in touch –

and let’s work together.

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