August 18, 2021

omni:us Pre-Trained AI Models V2.4 Release

We want you to work faster and work smarter. It is our constant endeavor to empower you to optimize your effort and time.In this release we are focusing on reducing your effort on annotation and… Continue Reading

Mai 27, 2021

AI Platform V2.3 – Auto-Annotation Support – Release Notes

We are constantly working towards providing you with the latest technology to minimize your effort and making you faster and more efficient than ever. In this release we are focusing on reducing your annotation effort… Continue Reading

März 3, 2021

AI Platform V2.2 – Analytics And Model Evaluation – Release Notes

Spotlight on New Features Our teams are constantly working to bring the latest innovation into insurance and to empower you to be faster and more informed then ever. In this release we are focusing on… Continue Reading

Release 2.1 ART
November 19, 2020

AI Platform V2.1 Multi-Use Case Release Notes

 Spotlight on New features MULTI-USE CASE SUPPORT The omni:us AI Platform now supports the deployment of multiple Static or Dynamic Data Models simultaneously in the Engine without the need for separate installation and management of each use… Continue Reading

Juli 23, 2020

AI Platform v2.0 Release Notes

AI Platform v2.0 Release Notes Contents New Features Single Setup for Handwritten & Printed Text User Management License Manager Smart Bin Log Export - Enhancements Ability to start and end annotation Ability to select a… Continue Reading

Mai 27, 2020

omni:us AI Platform 1.2 Release Notes

The omni:us AI platform leverages deep learning technologies (NLP and Computer Vision) to train AI models to support the document digitization process. The understanding of documents is based on the trained AI-Tasks which includes the… Continue Reading