The Talent Drive

by omnius
Juli 18, 2018

Just a quick recruiting update from my side. The last few months have been hectic but gratifying. The omni:us team has expanded with a steadily growing sales team and some much-needed engineering and scientific reinforcements! So what’s been going on?

The omni:us engine is gathering momentum and learning, with each iteration of its neural networks, how better to position itself. The specific segments of the insurance value chain we are tackling right now (Claim & Policy) are becoming more of a home we are familiar with, whereas a couple of years ago it was unchartered territory. It all came together at our flagship insurance/AI event last month: Machine Intelligence Summit 2018… watch the visual summary here.

But a more product/tech-focused update will come soon. This post is more of a ‘personnel-piece’. We are hiring and excited to welcome more people on board!

Steve & till
Upstairs operations.

While proud to still have the same vibrant feeling that we had a year ago with half the staff, I won’t go through the whole trendy startup spiel. Suffice to say we are an open and friendly team, driven by mutual ambition and passion. Synergy and open collaboration lay the foundation for an ethos we strive to nurture each day.

And at the end of the day, we are trying to change the game.

But to realize this, we need some backup…

  • Engineers (using a modern tech stack) to solve problems for the ages
  • Data Scientists to crack the codes of pioneering artificial intelligence
  • Solution Architects to act as trusted advisor to our customers
  • Sales Managers with fire in the belly to bring our product to the world

We are recruiting for all seniority levels – from Head of/VP roles and senior positions to interns and working student roles.  To house this buzz of activity, a new office was required… So we are moving to a castle (well, actually a converted, historic brewery) in Berlin Moabit, once it has been given the ‘power-up’ needed to host everyone and their individual bean bags. We hope you can join us there.

Vasanth, winner of our World Cup Kicktipp game. Data science + predictions = success!



– Sofie

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