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„“Die omni:us KI reguliert 70% der übergebenen Schäden End-2-End,
ohne manuelle Intervention.“

Wolf Gerlach
Vorstandsmitglied Operations

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Im Rahmen unserer virtuellen Gesprächsreihe laden wir VordenkerInnen und Führungskräfte aus Versicherung und anderen Branchen ein, zentrale Themen der digitalen Transformation im Schaden aus unterschiedlichen Blickwinkeln zu beleuchten. Vier Themenblöcke mit insgesamt 19 Keynotes bieten hierbei die Möglichkeit Spannungsfelder aufzubauen um diese in der Folge in 4 Panels gemeinsam zu diskutieren.

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Wo stehen wir?
Und was kommt auf uns zu?

Picture of Christof Mascher
Christof Mascher

ehem. COO, Allianz SE

Picture of Astrid Stange
Astrid Stange

CEO, ELEMENT Insurance

Picture of Prof. Dr. Stephan A. Jansen
Prof. Dr. Stephan A. Jansen

Alexander von Humboldt-Institut

Picture of Silke Liedtke
Silke Liedtke

Senior Advisor, zeb ehem. Leiterin Komposit Schaden, w&w

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Darf ich vorstellen: Ihre neue Schadenmitarbeiterin robin_94

Picture of Carolin Meisner
Carolin Meisner

Head of Customer Experience DE, Amazon

Picture of Pia Tischhauser
Pia Tischhauser

Managing Director & Senior Partner, BCG

Picture of Daniela Rode
Daniela Rode

Vorstandsmitglied Signal Iduna

Picture of Markus Troche
Markus Troche

Head of Claims Germany, Zurich

Picture of Marco Vellmete
Marco Vellmete

Head of Claims Management, VKB

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Ja, ich bin versichert!
Nur bei wem?

Picture of Dr. Steffi Burkhart
Dr. Steffi Burkhart

Human Capital Evangelist & Generationenforscherin

Picture of Christian Springub
Christian Springub

Co-Founder & CPO, Dance

Picture of Wolf Gerlach
Wolf Gerlach

Vorstandsmitglied Operations, UNIQA

Picture of Pierangelo Campopiano
Pierangelo Campopiano

CEO, Smile Versicherung

Picture of Andreas Schertzinger
Andreas Schertzinger

Managing Director, iptiQ EMEA

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Hurra, wir haben einen Chatbot!
Was jetzt?

Picture of Birgit Bacher
Birgit Bacher

COO, Allianz Direct

Picture of Jens Becker
Jens Becker

CIO, Zurich

Picture of Christoph Bornschein
Christoph Bornschein

Gründer, TLGG

Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss
Sofie Quidenus-WahlforssExec. Chairwoman & Founder @omni:us
Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mark Klein, board member of ERGO Group AG, to discuss the tremendous opportunities of Generative AI for the insurance industry, especially in #ClaimsAutomation. Our exchange ranged from the vision of a fully digitalised, data-driven and customer-focused #insurance, which is being driven by #GenAI to a new level of innovation, to looking at the future way claims adjusters will work thanks to AI-powered #End2End process automation, such as through the omni:us #DigitalClaimsAdjuster, and associated efficiency gains...
Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss
Sofie Quidenus-WahlforssExec. Chairwoman & Founder @omni:us
This week, I had the extraordinary privilege of joining a selected group of inspiring individuals for lunch in Berlin with none other than Hillary Clinton.
Hillary stands for so many important values: climate action, gender equality, political justice, fighting fake news, and empowering women, to name a few. While others her age are long retired, the now 76-year-old Columbia University professor and former Secretary of State is still active in the fight for peace and justice in the world. I've always been impressed by her, but after yesterday, I’m truly moved...
Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss
Sofie Quidenus-WahlforssExec. Chairwoman & Founder @omni:us
We are more than honoured to have Allianz Austria as our #end2end #claims #automation customer🚀
Allianz is a true #innovator in the #insurance space and it was wonderful sharing a coffee with Xaver Wölfl talking about the #collaboration with omni:us. Xaver is famous for breaking walls and constantly striving to making things better for his customers and shareholders through innovative approaches. Allianz, as one of the world's largest insurers, has been leading the way in standardizing core insurance systems across countries for decades. Their innovative approach allows #ecosystem solutions like the omni:us #DigitalClaimsAdjuster to swiftly integrate ...
Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss
Sofie Quidenus-WahlforssExec. Chairwoman & Founder @omni:us
Working with AXA on #ClaimAutomation: In recent years, I have participated in many conversations and panel discussions regarding the difficulties surrounding collaboration between the #corporate and #startup world - and yes, it’s incredibly challenging for both sides. In the spirit of our ongoing collaboration, I wanted to highlight the dynamic spirit of the AXA team led by Audrey Amiot, Chief Transformation & Operations Officer at AXA Belgium. Their profound tech affinity, compelling speed and invigorating hunger for #innovation are the key reasons why we have achieved remarkable successes to date as we both collectively aspire to revolutionize claim automation in the #insurance industry....
Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss
Sofie Quidenus-WahlforssExec. Chairwoman & Founder @omni:us
More than thankful that Thomas Buberl, CEO of AXA,  took time to listen to our vision 🚀 Exchanging notes with one of the most influential leaders in our space means a lot to me.
#wemakeinsurancebetter #insurancetransformation #claimsautomation
Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss
Sofie Quidenus-WahlforssExec. Chairwoman & Founder @omni:us
The claim automation revolution has started💫
We proudly announce the introduction of the omni:us Digital Claims Adjuster at UNIQA Insurance Group AG. , member of the Management Board and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Austrian insurer with operations in 18 countries is a true pioneer. This big digital transformational step will drastically boost customer satisfaction by freeing up precious resources to take care of more complex cases in the moment of truth & deliver an unrivalled claims experience.
Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss
Sofie Quidenus-WahlforssExec. Chairwoman & Founder @omni:us
We are delighted to announce the closing of our €12M Series A+ extension round with participation of Württembergische Versicherung 🚀
”This Series A+ builds on an exceptional year for omni:us. We were able to add leading insurance companies to our customer base in Europe, launch key feature enhancements to our AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service) offering – the omni:us Digital Claims Adjuster – and at the same time strengthen our team with outstanding talent. We are particularly excited about the participation of W&W-Gruppe subsidiary Württembergische Versicherung and the strong commitment of our existing investors.“, says Martin Micko 🎶, CCO & co-founder of omni:us. Press release here:
omni:usHome of AI. Future of claims.
“There were no structured data inputs required for getting to as much as 80% automation level just by using the technology omni:us has in place.”
Check out Dr. Andreas Nemeth sharing experiences, results, and insights on how UNIQA Insurance Group AG succeeded in cutting costs, whilst increasing speed of settlement & customer satisfaction with the use of AI-powered #claims #automation by omni:us.