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Keynote Customer Success Story

The key to reducing claim leakage and costs?

How AI-powered claim automation helped UNIQA.

“There were no structured data inputs required for getting to as much as 80% automation level just by using the technology omni:us has in place.”

In this session recording from DIA 2022 Amsterdam, Andreas Nemeth (UNIQA) and Martin Micko (omni:us) will be talking about about UNIQA’s colaboration with omni:us to automate the processing of ‘high-volume-low-severity’ claims – with the insurer’s clear goal to master the conflict of interest in fulfilling overall business requirements: cutting costs whilst increasing customer satisfaction.

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The Speakers

Picture of Andreas Nemeth

Andreas Nemeth

UNIQA Ventures
CEO & Managing Partner

Picture of Martin Micko

Martin Micko

CCO & Founder

The Agenda

Why do customers work with omni:us?
1. Why do customers work with omni:us?
1.1 Claims Automation Impact: Process Costs
1.2 Customers & Employee Satisfaction
1.3 Leakage & AI Governance Structure
The omni:us Digital Claims Adjuster
2.1 Reference Claims Processes
2.2 Claims Decision Catalogue
2.3 Core System Connectors
2.4 Lines of Business & Perils
2.5 Straight-Through Processing & Next-Best Actions
2.6 Claim Automation Performance
UNIQA Collaboration with omni:us
3.1 How to bring digitization to UNIQA?
3.2 Challenges
3.3 Collaboration Targets with omni:us
3.4 Definition of Use & Business Cases for MVPs
3.5 Going into Production
omni:us Automation Results @UNIQA
4.1 Automated Claim File Creation
4.2 E2E Straight-Through Processing
4.3 Proud & Relieved Workforce
4.4 Claim Automation from Unstructured Data
4.5 omni:us vs. other suppliers
4.6 Quality & Consistency
4.7 Claim Automation Roadmap
4.8 STP & Human Touch
4.9 Domain Understanding & Technology
omni:us as Automation Enabler @UNIQA
5.1 Reinventing Processes through Technology
5.2 Customer Feedback for Automated Processes