Invigorating the
P&C document intake process with AI

Use case examples with fortune 500
AmTrust Financial Services and omni:us

AmTrust Financial Services CIO and COO, Ariel Gorelik will share their transformational story of leveraging AI technology to deliver strong business outcomes in both growth and cost reduction. By partnering with omni:us, AmTrust Financial Services addressed the automation of the intake of millions of documents using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.

The Speakers

Deb Smallwood

Deb Smallwood

CEO & Founder

Ariel Gorelik

Ariel Gorelik

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. (AFSI)
Executive VP/ Chief Information Officer and Chief Operations Officer

Rupin Mago

Rupin Mago

VP Americas

The Outcome

Collaboration between omni:us and the AmTrust IT team was integral to streamline the process to achieve an optimal outcome.
Project timeline was 8 months to go-live.

- 0 %
general operating costs

automation of
incoming claims information

getting attached to existing claims files

< 0 %
Error rate
0 %
of resources and skills
0 months
ROI from
production go-live
0 %
planned in next quarter
"We already produce millions of dollars of gross written premium – new business for us, just through this technology.”
Ariel Gorelik Amtrust Claims Automation omnius 1
Ariel Gorelik
AmTrust Financial Services

The Agenda

  1. The Art of Possible
    1. The Art of Possible - "We’re discussing only one today but there are probably 20 other use cases that we’re already thinking about.”
  2. The Current State
    2. The Current State - "All of us are sitting on huge amounts of unstructured data but just don’t know how to use it.”
  3. The AMTrust Story
    3. The AMTrust Story - "We can’t go on like that anymore. All of a sudden I had the pressure to optimize."
  4. Business Outcomes
    4. The Business Outcomes - "75% automation of 27 million claims intake documents"
  5. Executing the Project
    5. Executing the Project - "The key to a successful outcome is rigorous planning.”
  6. The Barriers and Challenges
    6. The Barriers and Challenges - "Big ships turn very slowly."
  7. The Lessons Learned
    7. The Lessons Learned - "Everything is iteration. There is no magic to it."