Why omni:us

We are trusted to supercharge the legacy & core systems of
leading insurers with our fully data-driven, AI-first claims platform.


Recognized as thought leader in insurance.

The latest cutting-edge technology and deep insurance domain expertise meet today’s needs to rethink claims handling – without costly integration, but seamless augmentation of legacy & core systems.

Trusted by leading insurers

Watch the interview with omni:us CEO Sofie Quidenus to see how being an AI-first company allowed omni:us to go back to first principles to reinvent claims handling with a fully data-driven approach.


AI Self-Empowerment at Enterprise Level


Build end-to-end claims journeys
by combining AI modules.

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Automate claims and enable decision support as per your business requirements.


Expand robust & stable modules
within your enterprise architecture.


We make insurance

At omni:us, we envision a world with strong safety nets for everyone.

Over the next decades, we believe that insurance will get dramatically more efficient and affordable through technology. We think that insurance will become more human and empathetic, with less unnecessary pain and time wasted for everyone involved. Insurance companies will be able to focus on bringing true value to their customers. They will allow their employees to focus much more of their time on the customer, rather than on processes. Access to structured data will allow not only for truly personalised insurance, but also help with prevention of accidents and disease through advanced predictive analysis. Better automation will lead to fair and transparent claim judgement, eventually removing any bias from the process. omni:us will be the most important catalyst for this shift globally. And yes, have a long journey ahead of us, but our vision of better insurance for everyone is brighter and clearer than ever.

“A central aspect will be to automate processes which eat up a lot resources today… that will make the industry more cost-efficient, products cheaper for customers, and will benefit people at the insurance companies as well.”

Dr. Torsten Oletzky TH Köln, formerly CEO of ERGO


Built to Perform at Scale


Largest installation processes peak load of hundreds of claims per hour


Seamless addition of new modules as additional Micro-Services


Scale services within modern insurance enterprise architectures

OUR Partners

Better Output through Research.

omni:us partners with leading research hubs and academic institutions to advance the use of machine learning for insurance.

We’ve built a partnership network with top institutes such as the Computer Vision Center (CVC) in Barcelona to explore the future of machine learning and advance the technology for data-driven claims handling. Through this collaboration, we focus on a variety of machine learning research topics – and work on solving open AI challenges in a range of industries. This large pool of expertise helps us keep pace with the latest machine learning trends and deliver new techniques in the context of data-driven claims automation.

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