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Claims automation in insurance

A significant lever for competitive differentiation is a long-neglected service area: claims processing. Learn more about the potential of AI and the human-machine superteam to optimise your claims processes.
Why AI still needs the Human Touch

21st Century Claims

Adoption of impactful digital transformation is revitalising insurers’ most powerful asset – data. omni:us focuses on enhancing that moment when the end-customer will feel it most – during a claim. Download this white paper and learn about the possibilities appearing across the insurance claims value chain with AI.

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AmTrust Financial Services CIO and COO, Ariel Gorelik shares their transformational story of leveraging AI technology with omni:us – and achieving 75% automation of incoming claims information getting attached to existing claims files.

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AI for Claims Management
The confluence of AI and insurance
Thoughts on the future of the insurance industry

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