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The omni:us partner program enables like-minded companies to leverage our advanced AI and deliver incredible, transformative insurance success stories across business and tech.

If you are excited by the prospect of taking insurance to the next level, join our partner roster and help us realize the future of insurance.

The Power of YOu & us

Combining strengths

We help customers along the often winding path of their digital transformation journey. Our cutting-edge, claims-oriented AI solutions combined with our partners’ strength in business or technical niches creates a new paradigm for customer-centric insurance. 

We build on trusting partnerships in which we develop together and look to the long-term future.


omni:us is first and foremost a product-driven company.
We devote the vast majority of our energy and resources into developing an excellent product. As such we work closely with partners to improve insurance.

Depending on your company, this might mean broadening your portfolio, lending some claims expertise to your solution, or gaining a technical competitive edge with our innovative AI modules.

  • Business partner
  • Tech partner

We seek business partners who are masters of project and program management, business process optimisation and experience design. A partnership with omni:us would develop your company’s profile as a claims management specialist and thought leader in insurance digital transformation projects. We’d work together to identify use cases before mapping omni:us modules to specific process gaps.

We look for tech partners who provide integration expertise for customer use cases or offer innovative solutions which would work well alongside ours. With omni:us you can develop new AI models based on the omni:us platform and bring further automation opportunities to your customer.


A valuable partnership starts with trustful communication. For us, a partnership is a long term investment.
Starting with a comprehensive enablement phase, our partners write their own success stories.


Identify partnership potential

We will identify an overlap (benefit) in our activities and creating ideas for a great partnership and prepare ourselves for the next steps.
Summarized: Developing the Go-To-Market Strategy!


Onboarding and enablement

The goal is to make our partners ready for the upcoming challenges! Our team will provide an individual package and will support the partner at any level.
Summarized: Preparing for the Go-To-Market Strategy!


Explore new business opportunities

The development of our partnership is in the focus. We will sharpen our joint Value proposition, have an exchange on a regular basis and are working together at customer projects.
Summarized: Following the Go-To-Market Strategy!

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