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future of insurance.

At omni:us, we use cutting-edge technology and deep insurance expertise to build transformative business applications that reshape the future of claims.


Become part of our fast growing & exciting journey.
Together we tackle the world’s biggest and most interesting challenges in insurance with Artificial Intelligence.

You & Us.

Our culture.

omni:us is a truly global company with a team comprising of 19 different nationalities from 4 continents and a wide variety of backgrounds. We believe that our diversity is the source of our extraordinary, energetic team spirit and is what is necessary to break down walls and truly transform the insurance industry. By challenging homogeneity, we are able to grow because diverse teams are able to bring different perspectives together to crack hard problems, and different ways of thinking are proven to create better results. We strive for inclusion in order to embrace all of life’s richness and potential. We see inclusion as the ongoing, conscious effort to celebrate differences and we welcome people of different backgrounds and life experiences – whether they’re current or prospective employees, partners, or customers of our product. We do our best to create a workplace that supports everyone’s needs and where people belong as they are, rather than requiring that employees “fit-in” to an established status quo. We don’t separate, we connect. We don’t discriminate, we integrate. Our team is truly international and brings together everyone in a safe, inspiring, empowering, nourishing and loving surrounding.

What drives us


We are pioneering in building scalable AIaaS products that solve the world’s biggest and most interesting challenges in dealing with insurance claim automation.
The result is our clients’ leadership in an age of ongoing digital evolution of insurance.


At omni:us we work with artificial intelligence that is powered by you & us. We nurture and protect a caring environment of trust, transparency, diversity, equality, responsibility, growth, sustainability, customer success and joy.


omni:us helps humans and leading insurers to augment their capabilities & focus on what they are good at – to communicate with empathy and deliver superior value to customers and the world around them.

omni:us stories

We are pushing
the boundaries of AI.

“My journey at omni:us started with an internship for writing my master thesis. The topic we came up with was directly related to omni:us’ day-to-day business, and my time spent coding and experimenting was rewarded soon when my work made it into the first customer projects! During these 6 months, I not only learned a lot about Natural Language Processing, but I also learned to love the team: I feel that people are supporting my ideas, cheering me up when I need it, hearing my concerns. Even when weeks get stressful and deadlines close, there is always a lot of laughter in the office. The decision to stay at omni:us once my internship was over was very easy: Now I’m full-time deep learning engineer, spending my days bringing more and more intelligence to our product while being surrounded by friendly omni:us people.”

Data Scientst @omni:us
What makes us strong & special every day.

Our Values



We crave to discover the unknown.
We fight to solve the unsolvable.
We are bold.
We have fun cracking the hardest nuts.
We find our own way.
And we break through.



We care for each other.
We care for what you don’t say.
We honor openness.
We say thank you. We say sorry.
We embrace change and vulnerability.
We make each other laugh.
And we share our shoes for miles.



We take ownership to foster trust & freedom.
We share our mistakes, learnings & success stories.
We take feedback & run with it.
We cut the bullshit.
And we say: Challenge accepted.



If our customers win, we win.
We listen and know when to be humble.
We delight with an overwhelming WOW.
We win the trust of our customers.
And we win their hearts.



We love to ship.
We are proud to have impact.
We solve real business problems.
We celebrate progress.
And we get there faster.

Getting Hired.

Interested to learn more about omni:us hiring process. Our hiring process is simple and structured.


Did you find a position that fits to your profile, then please apply through the given career link.


Your applications will be reviewed by our team experts and you will hear from our hiring team for an initial screening call


We have a thorough hiring and recruitment process to hire the best talent who values our culture.
Steps will vary by team but typically include:
Screening, Technical Assignment, Professional Skills Interviews and team presentations.


Your selected, congratulations our HR team will stay in touch with you and walk you through the proposed offer details

Our Headquarters

Located in the
heart of Berlin.

Our headquarters is located in the Berlin district of Moabit in a historic brewery  building right next to the Schultheiss Quartier with all sorts of amenities in close vicinity.
Our Berlin team represents 19 nationalities with a dynamic and fast paced attitude – all under one roof in a relaxed and homely atmosphere, with lots of fun activities to do.

omni:us has research partners in Barcelona and representations in the UK, France and the United States.

Where AI x Insurance

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