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At omni:us, we envision a world with stronger safety nets for everyone – and we will be a key driver of this change. Over the next few decades, we think that insurance can get dramatically more efficient and affordable through technology. We believe that insurance will become more human, with less unnecessary pain and wasted time for everyone involved. Insurance companies will be able to focus on bringing true value to their customers by allowing their employees to focus more of their time on the customer, rather than the process.

A catalyst for change

We are authorities in artificial intelligence with access to cutting-edge technology and deep domain expertise. We are a team of leading scientific engineers, academic AI pioneers, full stack experts led by serial entrepreneurs with strong B2B & corporate experience. Our investors and broad network combine technological, industry, and solution expertise. Together we tackle the world’s biggest and most interesting challenges in dealing with artificial intelligence to build products that address core needs of leading insurance organizations, reshaping the future of work.

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