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An exciting day of debate and discussion on all things AI and insurance, we thank all of our speakers and delegates for their enthusiasm and energy which contributed to a memorable event.

We are already looking forward to #MISummit19!

Where AI & meets insurance
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Expert Panels


Christoph von der Malsburg

Neuroscientist & Physicist
Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies

Naftali Tishby

Professor of Computer Science & Computational Neuroscientist
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Nina Fichtl

Head of Strategy & New Business II
Allianz X

David Roldán, Jr

Head of Venture Capital & Startup Business Development
Google Cloud Europe

Patrick Wirth

Investor & Innovation Manager
Baloise Group

Itxaso del Palacio

Venture Lead

Frank Thelen

Entrepeneur, Investor
Freigeist Capital

Prof. Torsten Oletzky

Institute for Insurance Industry


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State of

Breakthroughs, debates, future of development, deep learning

Ethics, Risks & Opportunities

Civilizational impact, social responsibility and the value of artificial intelligence

Business Applications

How AI is changing the way we work, consume & develop products


Session 1: The State of AI

The power of AI comes at multiple granularities. There is a plethora of decisions made every day based on simple, repetitive patterns—and those apply to businesses as much as they do to individuals. It’s no surprise then, that most companies are using AI today to cut costs and improve efficiency. As more processes become digital, AI, then, becomes not just a critical part of the ecosystem, but the driving force, in large part because its main benefit is efficiency.

Session 2: AI in Business

In the era of digital transformation, AI will deliver change in all type organizations, starting from driving cars (computer vision technology), then manufacturing. This change will enable new innovative business models and new project management approaches emerge with the use of data science as a core strategy of modern organizations.
Automation technologies are reshaping the workplace and the way the organization engages with its customers. There is a lot of talk these days about the bleak future of employment. In reality, automation will spur the growth of many new jobs, including some entirely new job categories.

Session 3: AI in Insurance – A winning Duo!

Change is here, more is coming. Trends that business leaders should know about. AI insurance trends, examining the current state of the technology, the changes underway, and the potential resulting shifts in the industry.