omni:us Claim Overview

omni:us Claim Overview

by omnius
March 22, 2018

omni:us Claim Overview

This is our second product profile since our rebranding.
In it, we break down our insurance-focused omni:us Claim.
You can check out the previous omni:us Policy blog here!


When making an insurance claim today, there’s a lot of supplementary material needed for the adjuster to examine.

This could mean an incident report, a photograph, an invoice… it depends on the type of claim being made. But this massive variety of incoming documents (many of which are low quality – scanned pages, illegible handwriting, fuzzy pics) must be organized in a way that… well, that just makes sense.

Easier said than done.

By the way, this all takes place after the claim is matched to the corresponding policy, then validated. Yep, adjusting is a time sink all right.


You guessed it! This is where omni:us enters the fray.

First off, omni:us Claim classifies those pesky incoming documents and assigns them to virtual boxes where similar documents are stored. For this, layered artificial intelligence algorithms are used to figure out where to place them. More on that over here at our engineering blog.

All the important data, vital to the insurance company, is then extracted from each box, using advanced region-detection models. This is the important stuff – mph travelling if a car collision, time of incident, parties involved, etc.

omni:us Claim seamlessly processes and speedily sends the data to the client (that’s more intelligent automation at work here). We’re talking about an 80% faster processing workflow.

Thus, the insurance company has the ability to rapidly make remittance or denial decisions, moving the whole process along at a pace and cost-saving completely unrivalled by manual alternatives.

No more leafing through pages, poring over documents with a magnifying glass (that’s how it’s done currently, right?).

Plug and process: it’s the future!

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