The future of claims has empathy.

At omni:us we drive claims excellence with data and automation. So you don’t have to choose anymore between improving customer experience and cutting costs, but spend more time on empathetic communication: the 20% of value tasks that drive 80% of operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Where AI x Insurance

Revisit our 3rd Machine Intelligence Summit 2019 in Berlin, where insurance leaders & the most brilliant minds in Artificial Intelligence were diving into the potential of AI &  how it transforms insurance.

AI superpowers for your claims legacy.

Deliver a breakthrough customer experience with a fully data-driven, AI-powered solution that automates and enhances data-intense claim workflows – and empowers your employees to act with empathy based on actionable insights and fully data-driven recommendation.

The power of cognitive claims.

Discover how to become a data-driven insurer, deliver a breakthrough customer experience, seamlessly augment your legacy system, empower your workforce and drive new growth via AI powered, cognitive claim management.

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February 26, 2018

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