The AI Solution for
Claims Automation

Seamless integration into existing claims systems.
Automate processes and reduce costs.

Digital claims for a
new era of insurance.

No longer is it a choice between saving costs and improving the customer experience.
Better decisions with data driven insights. Automate manual processes.
Empower your claims personnel. Invest in your customers’ happiness.
With omni:us.

“… process efficiency, cost reduction, all the way to revenue increase, improved deployment if they apply AI right along these three dimensions: technology, data, and people. I think there’s a lot to gain.

Silke Genuit

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AmTrust Financial Services CIO and COO, Ariel Gorelik shares their transformational story of leveraging AI technology with omni:us – and achieving 75% automation of incoming claims information getting attached to existing claims files.

The goal


Seamlessly integrate incoming claims with your insurance core system.
Tackle process inefficiencies with claim automation… and watch your customer satisfaction skyrocket.

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Customer Satisfaction

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 How to get there

The AI Roadmap

Looking to enhance your combined ratio?
Unlock an AI-powered and data-driven claims journey and supercharge your insurance business for the future.

 The omni:us platform allows you to quickly deploy AI into your claims processes.


Creation of a broad and deep data basis

Collect and validate consistent data from relevant sources at the earliest possible point (forms, emails, notes).


Minimization of manual data processing

Eliminate manual claims data collection, downstream data acquisition & media & system breaks.


Build trust in AI

Involve relevant stakeholders and easily track and verify results by employees and inhouse experts.

Why Omni:us?

Our mission is to enhance insurance industry processes and workflows by simplifying the claims handling life cycles. omni:us understands the value of automation by identifying key processes to shorten cycle times, enhance customer expectations, increase employee satisfaction, and improve data integrity to create better outcomes in the overall claims handling process.

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omni:us welcomes Ursula Merten

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